Cowls and Pilots

To remove the waste material from around your pilot or two part cowl, just sand it away

DO NOT USE SCISSORS this will make the job harder.

Simply sand the flange of excess material off by rubbing on a sheet of 240 grit abrasive paper on a flat surface. This will leave a perfectly flat back for bonding.

Cowls should be bonded together with a solvent type plastic weld adhesive applied sparingly.

Pilots should be bonded together with Superglue (Cyanoacrylate)

Bond the front to a piece of 1/32 balsa sheet. Cut the balsa a little bigger than the forming (1-2 mm all round) this make aligning both halves easier.

Align the back to the front and bond in place.

When the glue bond is strong enough sand off the balsa centreboard to finish your pilot.

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